Spider-Man web between Trade Center towers
Scene from "Spider-Man" trailer
Spider-Man web between Trade Center towers
Scene from "Spider-Man" trailer
"Big Trouble"
"Collateral Damage"
"Sidewalks of New York"
Delays, changes made to upcoming films response to World Trade Center terrorism

By Rob Blackwelder

Several upcoming films have been delayed or will be retooled in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist bombings of World Trade Center in Manhattan and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Slated for release September 21, Disney/Touchstone's "Big Trouble" and Paramount Classics' "Sidewalks of New York" have been pulled from their studios' calendars and so far only "Sidewalks" has a tentative new release date scheduled, November 21.

"Due to recent events and sensitivity to current issues, we decided to postpone the release of the film until later this year," said Ruth Vitale and David Dinerstein, Co-Presidents of Paramount Classics, in a statement released by the studio.

Warner Bros.' action movie "Collateral Damage" has been put on hold indefinitely, stemming from the fact that it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a father who plans to avenge the deaths of his wife and daughter in the terrorist bombing of a skyscraper.

The trailer and posters for next year's big-budget "Spider-Man" movie from Columbia has been yanked from theaters and the internet because of a scene in which Spidey strings up a bankrobbers' escape helicopter between the twin towers.

Perhaps most significantly, Columbia plans to reshoot the climax of "Men In Black 2," in which the Trade Center figured prominently.

Additionally, ABC TV has cancelled plans to air the 1997 terrorism actioner "The Peacemaker" on Saturday and will run the Sandra Bullock film "Hope Floats" instead. Fox network was planning this Friday to show "Independence Day," in which New York and Washington, D.C. are wiped out in explosions. The net will now air "Mrs. Doubtfire."

"Sidewalks" is an ensemble comedy-drama from Edward Burns about the romantic lives of several couples living in Manhattan. Paramount apparently felt it would be inappropriate to send the picture into theaters while the attack is still so fresh in the minds of moviegoers. The film's stars include Burns, Heather Graham, Brittany Murphy, Stanley Tucci, Rosario Dawson and Dennis Farina.

A Manhattanite himself, Burns also starred in this year's "15 Minutes," about a New York killing spree exploited on television.

"Big Trouble," another ensemble comedy and based on a book by syndicated Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry, has been pulled due to concerns about the climax. The last act of the film includes inept airport security guards letting a nuclear bomb get onboard a small plane being hijacked by idiots who don't realize what they have on their hands.

Disney issued a statement saying, "Due to the national tragedy that occurred, Touchstone Pictures has postponed the release date. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this terrible tragedy."

Some press events relating to new releases have also been cancelled or moved to later dates.

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