I didn't want to catalog every gripe I had with "Nemesis" in the review for fear of boring those less interested in the details. But here are some other real problems I had with the movie -- and some other curiosities. (Spoilers may follow & some of these won't mean much until after you see the movie.)
@:) Rob

  • Why do some parts of Shinzon's ship take 7 minutes to get into position for firing his weapon while others snap into place in seconds?

  • When Picard announced "battle stations!" why weren't the shields put up?

  • Why would the Enterprise return to Federation space by flying straight through a cloud that interferes with their systems and instruments? Why not go around it?

  • Why would the Reman soldiers passing in the hallway of Shinzon's ship believe Data's dumb twin would be asked to escort prisoner Picard to Shinzon at gunpoint instead of a guard?

  • Shinzon tells Picard (paraphrasing) "I'm afraid you won't be alive long enough to see me execute my evil plan"...then doesn't kill him.

  • What's with that cheesy, cliched band of light across Troi's eyes as she links up with the Reman Viceroy?

  • Why are there only two Romulan birds of prey that come to the aid of the Enterprise?

  • When Shinzon starts backing up his ship after the Enterprise has rammed it, why not ram it again?

  • Isn't it convenient that nobody finds B4's "redundant memory port" a little suspicious?

  • How is it that the knickknacks and artifacts on display pedestals around everyone's quarters on the Enterprise never get knocked down with all the times the Enterprise has been rocked, shaken, blasted and stirred?