I didn't want to catalog every gripe I had with "Batman Begins" in the review for fear of boring those less interested in the details. But here are some other problems I had with the movie -- and some other curiosities. (Spoilers may follow & some of these won't mean much until after you see the movie.)
@:) Rob

  • Why does everyone in rural China speak perfect English?

  • Where are the rest of the ninjas when Bruce Wayne is fighting Ra's Al Ghul (Ken Watanabe)?

  • Where are the rest of the doctors and nurses during the attack on Crane's big, empty insane asylum?

  • When Rachel is tripping on the hallucinogen, why does Nolan only show us the wiggly lights she sees when she looks out the Batmobile window? What about when she looks at Batman? Since everyone apparently has the same hallucinations, doesn't she see the demon-bat Crane saw and shouldn't that scare the crap out of her?

  • Why do the tripping Gothamites stop turning on each other and spontaneously organize to zombie-walk toward Rachel and the little boy? And why are there conveniently none of them around whenever Gordon or Rachel needs a moment of calm to accomplish something?

  • Why is Ra's the only person on the elevated train in the climax? It's not like he's working alone.

  • Why does Nolan make a point of showing us Bruce Wayne's stomach injury, then completely ignore that he's hurt for the rest of the film?