"Corpse Bride" ***
 "Flightplan" **
 "Roll Bounce" **1/2
 "The Brothers Grimm" **
 "Charlie & the Choc..." ***
 "Constant Gardener" ***
 "Dukes of Hazzard" **
 "Exorcism of Emily..." **1/2
 "40-Year-Old Virgin" **1/2
 "Just Like Heaven" **
 "The Man" *
 "Must Love Dogs" **
 "Red Eye" **1/2
 "Sound of Thunder" 1/2*
 "Transporter 2" 1/2*
 "Underclassman" 1/2*
 "Undiscovered" *
 "An Unfinished Life" **1/2
 Don't Come Knocking
 The Fog
 Good Night, And Good Luck.
 A Good Woman
 Greatest Game Ever Played
 In Her Shoes
 Into the Blue
 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
 The Libertine
 Little Manhattan
 Night Watch
 Nine Lives
 North Country
 Oliver Twist
 Prize Winner of Defiance...
 Separate Lies
 The Squid and the Whale
 The Thing About My Folks
 Two for the Money
 Wallace & Gromit
 Where the Truth Lies

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A scene from 'Corpse Bride' 'Corpse Bride'
Blessed with memorably iconic characters, it's quick, droll, and destined to be a perennial Halloween favorite...
A scene from 'Flightplan' 'Flightplan'
The third act is so arduous, absurd and out of character that the entire plot is sabotaged...
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Producer Robbie Stamp, a close collaborator of Douglas Adams says "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" film is exactly what the late author wanted.
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 "Fever Pitch" **1/2
 "Hitchhiker's Guide..." ***
 "Palindromes" ***
 "Schizo" ***
 "The Aviator" ****
 "NewsRadio" (Sea. 1&2) ****


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