"Bruce Almighty" ***
 "The In-Laws" **1/2
 "Respiro" **1/2
 "Anger Management" 1/2*
 "Basic" **
 "Bend It Like Beckham" ***
 "Bulletproof Monk" **
 "Daddy Day Care" **1/2
 "Down With Love" ***
 "Dreamcatcher" **
 "The Good Thief" ***
 "Holes" ***
 "Identity" **
 "Lizzie Maguire Movie" **
 "Malibu's Most Wanted" **
 "The Matrix Reloaded" **
 "A Mighty Wind" **1/2
 "Phone Booth" **1/2
 "The Real Cancun" **
 "The Shape of Things" **
 "What a Girl Wants" **
 "X2: X-Men United" ***
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       GOOD GOD
    'Bruce Almighty'
    A scene from 'Bruce Almighty'   Jim Carrey may be unconvincing as a TV newsman in "Bruce Almighty," but as an everyday joe temporarily granted all the powers of God, his return to crackpot comedy is a welcome summer movie treat. After some angry finger-waving toward heaven over a fairly minor bout of bad luck (a lost promotion, a dog he can't housebreak), Bruce Nolan (Carrey) is made omnipotent by the Big Guy (Morgan Freeman having a little fun with his noble image) to show the whiner how tough the job of the Almighty really is -- and humorous havoc ensues. The story arc is predictable -- Bruce has a lesson to learn, after all. But the writing is wickedly witty -- right up until director Tom Shadyac ("Ace Ventura," "Liar Liar," "Patch Adams") reels in the clever comedy and rolls out the stock plot conflicts (Bruce's girlfriend sees a sexpot anchorwoman kiss him and now he must win her back!) and the cloying, heavy-handed moral-of-the-story messages. But Carrey, Freeman and Jennifer Aniston (in a teriffic performance of humor, depth and resolve as the girlfriend) make it easy to forgive "Bruce Almighty" most of its shortcomings.
    *** out of **** (100m | PG-13) (Full review)

    'DVD Spolight movie still' 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN'

    One of the best films of 2002 makes its DVD debut with a terrific array of entertaining, detailed featurettes capturing the energy & enthusiasm of the fast-paced, 52-day shoot. Find out more in the DVD Spotlight!
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    Charismatic director Joel Schumacher provides the 411 on his new real-time thriller "Phone Booth."
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    Director David Cronenberg found the 'metabolism' of his latest uncanny mind-bender "Spider" in its great performances by Ralph Fiennes and Miranda Richardson.
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    Director Philip Noyce enjoyed working on acclaimed "The Quiet American" & "Rabbit-Proof Fence" simultaneously.
    Gus Van Sant Gus Van Sant
    director of
    David Hare David Hare
    Michael Cunningham
    screenwriter & author of
    "The Hours"
    Salma Hayek Salma Hayek
    Michael Moore Michael Moore
    "Bowling for Columbine"
    Salma Hayek Laetitia Colombani
    "He Loves Me, He L..."
    Charlie Kaufman & Spike Jonze Charlie Kaufman
    & Spike Jonze

    director & writer
     "Adaptation" ****
     "Antwone Fisher" ***1/2
     "His Secret Life" ***
     "Max" **
     "Star Trek: Nemesis" **
     "25th Hour" ***
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     "Catch Me If You Can" ****
     "Roger Dodger" ***
     "The Transporter" ***
     "Fear & Loathing in..." **1/2



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