That review was long enough without me going into every petty little grouse I had with the movie. But I thought fans might enjoy reading my nit-pickery, so here goes. (Spoilers may follow & some of these won't mean much until after you see the movie.)
@:) Rob

  • How bad can the dialogue get? Sheish!
        Padmé: My how you've grown.
        Anakin: So have you. Grown more beautiful I mean.

  • How convenient that Obi Wan sneaks into Dooku's HQ just in time to hear him discuss invasion plans and Padmé's assassination.

  • The aliens creating the clones may be genetic engineering geniuses, but they're scripted without a stitch of common sense. Why do they blindly assume Obi-Wan represents their client, the rogue Jedi who died, even though he asks a lot of suspiciously ignorant questions?

  • Obi-Wan tells Anakin and Padmé to travel to Naboo "as refugees." Refugees from WHAT? They're traveling from the capital of the Republic, not from some disputed outpost.

  • Padmé falling for Anakin is too easy. He's many years her junior, he's arrogant, socio-politically he's her polar opposite (and she's a politician!), and all he does around her is whine. He's also a borderline stalker and a mass-murderer. Doesn't any of this turn her off?

  • What's with Padmé hanging around Tatooine looking like she wandered off a Paris fashion show runway? She's supposed to be keeping a low profile, yet she doesn't even TRY to blend in on this desert planet until she's been there three days.

  • If there's a tracking device on Jango Fett's ship, why does Obi-Wan follow him into an asteroid field? Just hang back, man. Find him when he stops moving.

  • Could C-3PO be any more annoying? "This is such a drag," he says as his head is being pulled behind R2-D2." "I'm quite beside myself," he quips when R2-D2 rolls his head up to his body. Oh, SHUT UP!

  • Dooku's been trying to kill Padmé for the whole movie and when he finally gets his hands on her, he puts her, Anakin and Obi-Wan in a gladiator arena so they can fight their way out of being eaten by monsters? Puh-leaze. What are you, a James Bond villain? Bang-bang, zap-zap, dead-dead. What a stupid cliché.