I didn't want to catalog every gripe I had with "The Day After Tomorrow" in the review for fear of boring those less interested in the details. But here are some other real problems I had with the movie -- and some other curiosities. (Spoilers may follow & some of these won't mean much until after you see the movie.)
@:) Rob

  • From the satellite shots, it seems there's not a thing happening in southern hemisphere, but nobody explains why.

  • The supposedly genius Emmy Rossum character who supposedly "paid attention in health class" more than Gyllenhaal doesn't have the common sense to treat the huge gash on her leg -- or even tell anyone about it -- just so the movie can have a medical emergency and Jake can brave the storm looking for penicillin.

  • The huge cargo ship that comes floating down the street and stops right in front of the library exists in the script for the sole purpose of having a place for him to find said penicillin.

  • Why is the "nerdy" kid fixing the radio? Who's going to be broadcasting on AM or FM within range of that radio when the whole continent is frozen over?

  • The president gives "the order to evacuate the southern states." Evacuate them to WHERE?

  • In the Wendy's restaurant where Quaid and Mihok hole up, everything is frozen solid except the grill fires, yet it's warm enough to take off their coats and not see their breath.

  • Ditto all their tent scenes outdoors, in the middle of the biggest winter storm in 10,000 years.

  • The kids trapped in the library don't worry, wonder about, or even mention their parents.

  • The storm dissipates literally overnight.

  • The shots of the International Space Station show it literally tumbling through space, as if the thing orbits end-over-end.