I didn't want to catalog every gripe I had with "The Island" in the review for fear of boring those less interested in the details. But here are some other problems I had with the movie -- and some other curiosities. (Spoilers may follow & some of these won't mean much until after you see the movie.)
@:) Rob

  • We're told there are several "generations" of clones, but we're never told how or why. Are the cloners using different processes each time? Other than being created a year apart, what makes the Echo "generation" different from Delta "generation"? We know the clones aren't reproducing and causing genetic variations.

  • If the clone farm's security monitors the residents so closely, why don't they realize when Lincoln has woken up and sneaked out of his room in the middle of the night?

  • Why would the cloning company need to bring Tom Lincoln in for "rescanning"? Don't they keep a copy of his DNA on file?

  • Why aren't Lincoln and Jordan surprised to see each other when they both end up at the clone facility in the finale?

  • How does Lincoln know the process for shutting down the holographic generators?

  • If Lincoln can evade scores of security guys, how come the scientist who runs the place can so easily sneak up on him for a final fight scene?

  • Since the clones have been told the world is contaminated, why are they all so anxious to go running outside for the movie's last shot?

  • Speaking of which, I guess Michael Bay's philosophy is, why write your own ending when you can lift the one from "Logan's Run" wholesale?