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"Alice In Wolderland"

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By Rob Blackwelder

An early example of watered- down- for- mass- consumption Disneyfication -- but a total delight nonetheless -- this classic animated adaptation of Lewis Carroll's surreal fairytale about a little girl's trippy dream world of Cheshire cats, mad tea parties and lunatic face cards has been given the royal treatment for its DVD release.

A crisp and colorful digital restoration with remastered 5.1 Dolby sound, the film holds up beautifully after 50 years, and the second disc of bonus features has something for everyone: An interactive virtual tea party, sing-a-longs and games for kids, a 1923 "Alice" short by Walt Disney for cinephiles (it was one of the first films to mix live action and animation), a nifty 1950 TV special called "One Hour in Wonderland" for Disney buffs, and an Alice-inspired Mickey Mouse cartoon called "Through the Mirror" for, well, everybody. Trailers, etc., too.

DVD RATING: ***1/2
THE FILM: **1/2
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