Starring Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Faruza Balk

"The Craft"

Opened: May 3, 1996 | Rated: PG-13

"The Craft" is a supernatural "Heathers," with a clique of outcasts getting their revenge on the campus snobs through witchcraft.

It's fairly clear Alicia Silverstone was offered the lead and turned it down. Substituting for her is Robin Tunney, a beautiful, innocently sexual, and quite talented newcomer.

Tunney is best thing in the picture, about a quartet of girls who experiment with spells. It follows a predictable path of discovery, fast and loose experimentation, and the discovery of consequences.

But the consequences are paid mostly lip service as only one girl has any of her deeds come back on her, and that's one of the problems with "The Craft." The focus is on the girl's emotions and tries to address modern teenage issues (peer pressure, rape, drugs, etc.), but eventually turns into nothing but a low-impact horror movie.

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