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Robbie Stamp Robbie Stamp
Producer of
"Hitchhiker's Gui..."
FULLNAME Carroll Ballard
director of
co-star of
Christina Milian Christina Milian
costar of
"Be Cool"
Dylan Kidd Dylan Kidd
David O. Russell David O. Russell
"I ♥ Huckabees"
Kerry Conran Kerry Conran
"Sky Captain..."
FULLNAME John Sayles
"Silver City"
Zach Braff Zach Braff
"Garden State"
FULLNAME John Cho & Kal Penn stars of "Harold & Kumar"
Jena Malone Jena Malone
star of
FULLNAME Charlie Kaufman
writer of
"Eternal Sunshine..."
FULLNAME Viggo Mortensen
star of
 Charlize Theron
 Patty Jenkins
 Kenneth Branagh
 Jackie Chan
 Joan Chen
 George Clooney
 Bill Condon
 David Cronenberg 1999
 David Cronenberg 2003
 Cameron Crowe
 Hope Davis
 Johnny Depp
 James Ellroy
 Mike Figgis
 Patrick Fugit
 Hugh Grant
 Kate Hudson
 Mandy Moore
 Geoffrey Rush
 John Travolta
 Naomi Watts
 Peter Weir
 John Woo 2002
 John Woo 1997
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      Michael Almereyda, writer-director
            For "Hamlet," May 2000

      Tony Alva, skateboard legend
            For "Dogtown & Z-Boys," May 2002

      Alejandro Amenábar, writer-director
            For "The Others," August 2001

      Allison Anders, writer-director
            For "Sugar Town," September 1999

      Carroll Ballard, director
            For "Duma," April 2005
      Jamie Bell, actor
            For "Billy Elliot," October 2000

      Jodi Benson, voice talent
            For "The Little Mermaid" rerelease, November 1997

      Juliette Binoche, actress/Oscar winner
            For "The English Patient," November 1996

      Brad Bird, director
            For "The Iron Giant," August 1999

      Peter Bogdanovich, director
            For "The Cat's Meow," April 2002

      Zach Braff, writer-director-actor
            For "Garden State," August 2004

      Kenneth Branagh, writer-director-actor
            For "Love's Labour's Lost," June 2000

      Benjamin Bratt, actor
            For "Pinero," January 2002

      Paget Brewster, actress ("Let's Talk About Sex")
            For her brief TV talk show in San Francisco, January 1994.

      Adrien Brody, actor
            For "Harrison's Flowers," March 2002

      Tony Bui, writer/director
            For "Three Seasons," May 1999

      Edward Burns, writer/director/actor
            For "She's The One," August 1996

      Edward Burns, writer/director/actor
            For "No Looking Back," April 1998

      Jackie Chan, actor/Hong Kong legend
            For "Rumble In the Bronx," (February 1996)

      Don Cheadle, actor
            For "Out of Sight," June 1998

      Joan Chen, director
            For "Xiu Xiu," June 1999

      John Cho, actor
            For "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," July 2004

      George Clooney, actor
            For "Out of Sight," June 1998

      Laetitia Colombani, writer/director
            For "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not," February 2003

      Bill Condon, writer/director/Oscar winner
            For "Gods & Monsters," October 1998

      Kerry Conran, writer/director
            For "Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow," September 2004

      Sofia Coppola, writer/director
            For "The Virgin Suicides," April 2000

      Costa-Gavras, director
            For "Mad City," November 1997

      Christina Cox, actress
            For "Better Than Chocolate," August 1999

      David Cronenberg, writer/director
            For "eXistenZ," April 1999

      David Cronenberg, director
            For "Spider," February 2003

      Steven Culp, actor
            For "Thirteen Days," January 2001

      Cameron Crowe, writer/director
            For "Almost Famous," September 2000

      Michael Cunningham, novelist
            For "The Hours," January 2003

      Mark Dacascos, actor
            For "Brotherhood of the Wolf," January 2002

      Stephen Daldry, director
            For "Billy Elliot," October 2000

      Hope Davis, actress
            For "Next Stop, Wonderland," August 1998

      Raymond De Fellita, writer/director
            For "Two Family House," October 2000

      Johnny Depp, actor
            For "Sleepy Hollow," November 1999

      Karyn Dwyer, actress
            For "Better Than Chocolate," August 1999

      James Ellroy, novelist
            For "L.A. Confidential," September 1997

      Rick Famuyiwa, writer-director
            For "The Wood," July 1999

      Dennis Farina, actor
            For "Big Trouble," April 2002

      Jon Favreau, director
            For "Elf," November 2003

      Will Ferrell, actor
            For "Elf," November 2003

      America Ferrera, actress
            For "Real Women Have Curves," October 2002

      Mike Figgis, director
            For "Time Code," April 2000

      Ben Foster, actor
            For "Liberty Heights," December 1999

      James Franco, actor
            For "Whatever It Takes," March 2000

      Patrick Fugit, actor
            For "Almost Famous," September 2000

      Dan Futterman, actor
            For "Shooting Fish," May 1998

      Francois Girard, writer/director
            For "The Red Violin," June 1999

      Sandra Goldbacher, writer/director
            For "The Governess," August 1998

      Tony Goldwyn, director
            For "A Walk On the Moon," April 1999

      Keith Gordon, director
            For "Waking the Dead," March 2000

      Keith Gordon, director
            For "The Singing Detective," November 2003

      Marleen Gorris, director
            For "The Luzhin Defence," April 2001

      Hugh Grant, actor
            For "Mickey Blue Eyes," August 1999

      James Gray, co-writer/director
            For "The Yards," October 2000

      Carla Gugino, actress
            For "Spy Kids," March 2001

      Philip Haas, director
            For "Up at the Villa," May 2000

      Curtis Hanson, director
            For "L.A. Confidential," September 1997

      David Hare, screenwriter
            For "The Hours," January 2003

      Shawn Hatosy, actor
            For "Outside Providence," September 1999

      Ethan Hawke, actor
            For "Hamlet," May 2000

      Salma Hayek, actress/producer
            For "Frida," October 2002

      Brian Helgeland, writer-director
            For "A Knight's Tale," May 2001

      Marshall Herskovitz, director
            For "Dangerous Beauty," March 1998

      Scott Hicks, director
            For "Snow Falling On Cedars," December 1999

      Paul Hogan, actor
            For "Crocodile Dundee in L.A.," April 2001

      Ernie Hudson, actor
            For "Sugar Hill," February 1994

      Kate Hudson, actress
            For "Almost Famous," September 2000
            BONUS: photo gallery

      Ice Cube, actor-writer-producer
            For "Friday After Next," November 2002

      Leon Ichaso, director
            For "Sugar Hill," February 1994

      Patty Jenkins, writer-director
            For "Monster," December 2003

      Rebekah Johnson, actress
            For "Liberty Heights," December 1999

      Orlando Jones, actor
            For "Say It Isn't So," March 2001

      Spike Jonze, director
            For "Adaptation," December 2002

      Neil Jordan, writer-director
            For "The End of the Affair," December 1999

      Heather Juergensen, writer-actress
            For "Kissing Jessica Stein," March 2002

      Shekhar Kapur, director
            For "The Four Feathers," September 2002

      James Katz, restoration producer
            For "Rear Window," February 2000

      Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter/subject
            For "Adaptation," December 2002

      Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter
            For "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," March 2004

      Philip Kaufman, director
            For "Quills," November 2000

      Glen Keane, animator
            For "Tarzan," June 1999

      Dylan Kidd, writer-director
            For "P.S.," October 2004

      Val Kilmer, actor
            For "The Salton Sea," April 2002

      Brian Koppelman, co-writer-director
            For "Knockaround Guys," October 2002

      Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, writer-director
            For "Mifune," March 2000

      Louise Lasser, actress
            For "Fast Food, Fast Women," June 2001

      James LeGros, actor
            For "Scotland, PA," February 2002

      Michael Lehmann, director
            For "40 Days & 40 Nights," March 2002

      Kasi Lemmons, director
            For "The Caveman's Valentine," March 2001

      David Levien, co-writer-director
            For "Knockaround Guys," October 2002

      Kristian Levring, director
            For "The King Is Alive," March 2001

      Juliette Lewis, actress
            For "The Way of the Gun," September 2000
            BONUS: photo gallery

      Kevin Lima, co-director
            For "Tarzan," June 1999

      Jena Malone, actress
            For "Saved!," May 2004

      William H. Macy, actor
            For "Focus," November 2001

      Catherine McCormack, actress
            For "Dangerous Beauty," March 1998

      Malcolm McDowell, actor
            For "Gangster No.1," October 2001

      Don McKellar, writer-director-actor
            For "Last Night," November 1999

      Shane Meadows, co-writer/director
            For "A Room for Romeo Brass," November 2000

      Eric Mendelsohn, writer-director
            For "Judy Berlin," February 2000

      E. Elias Merhige, director
            For "Shadow of the Vampire," January 2001

      Christina Milian, actress
            For "Be Cool," March 2005

      Anthony Minghella, director/screenwriter/Oscar winner
            For "The English Patient," November 1996

      John Cameron Mitchell, writer-director-star
            For "Hedwig & the Angry Inch," July 2001

      Mandy Moore, actress/singer
            For "A Walk to Remember," January 2002
            BONUS: photo gallery

      Michael Moore, documentary muckraker
            For "Bowling for Columbine," October 2002

      Jim Morris, real-life Dennis Quaid character
            For "The Rookie," March 2002

      Viggo Mortensen, actor
            For "Hidalgo," March 2004

      Samantha Mumba, actress/singer
            For "The Time Machine," March 2002

      Andrew Niccol, writer-director
            For "S1m0ne," August 2002

      Christopher Nolan, director
            For "Insomnia," May 2002

      Philip Noyce, director
            For "Rabbit-Proof Fence"
            and "The Quiet American," November 2002

      Katherine Narducci, actress
            For "Two Family House," October 2000

      Khyentse Norbu, writer-director-monk
            For "The Cup," February 2000

      Frances O'Connor, actress
            For "Mansfield Park," November 1999

      Tommy O'Haver, writer/director
            For "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," July 1998

      Bob O'Neil, head of Universal's restoration dept.
            For "Rear Window," February 2000

      Oliver Parker, screenwriter-director
            For "An Ideal Husband," June 1999

      Alexander Payne, director
            For "Election," May 1999

      Kal Penn, actor
            For "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," July 2004

      Stacy Peralta, director/skateboard legend
            For "Dogtown & Z-Boys," May 2002

      Harrold Perrineau, Jr., actor
            For "Woman on Top," September 2000

      Jeremy Podeswa, writer-director
            For "The Five Senses," July 2000

      Michael & Mark Polish, actors/writers/director
            For "Twin Falls, Idaho," August 1999

      Franka Potente, actress
            For "The Princess & the Warrior," June 2001

      Alex Proyas, writer/director
            For "Dark City," March 1998

      Dennis Quaid, actor
            For "The Rookie," March 2002

      Ryan Reynolds, actor
            For "Van Wilder," April 2002

      Michael Rispoli, actor
            For "Two Family House," October 2000

      Chris Rock, actor/writer/director
            For "Head of State," March 2003

      Tim Roth, director
            For "The War Zone," December 1999

      Brad Rowe, actor
            For "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," July 1998

      Paul Rudnick, screenwriter
            For "In & Out," September 1997

      Geoffrey Rush, actor
            For "Quills," November 2000

      David O. Russell, writer-director
            For "Three Kings," October 1999

      David O. Russell, writer-director
            For "I ♥ Huckabees," October 2004

      John Sayles, writer-director
            For "Sunshine State," June 2002
      John Sayles, writer-director
            For "Silver City," September 2004

      Ridley Scott, director
            For "Black Hawk Down," January 2002

      Kristin Scott Thomas, actress/Oscar winner
            For "The English Patient," November 1996

      Volker Schlondorff, director
            For "Palmetto," February 1998

      Simon Shore, director
            For "Get Real," May 1999

      Leiv Schreiber, actor
            For "The Sum of All Fears," May 2002

      Joel Schumacher, actor
            For "Phone Booth," April 2003

      Jason Schwartzman, actor
            For "Slackers," February 2004

      Susan Skoog, writer/director
            For "Whatever," July 1998

      Christian Slater, director
            For "Windtalkers," June 2002

      Amy Smart, actress
            For "Outside Providence," September 1999

      Kevin Smith, writer-director-actor
            For "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," August 2001

      Marla Sokoloff, actress
            For "Whatever It Takes," March 2000

      Robbie Stamp, producer
            For "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," April 2005

      Madeleine Stowe, actress
            For "The General's Daughter," June 1999

      John Swanbeck, director
            For "The Big Kahuna," May 2000

      Hilary Swank, actress
            For "The Affair of the Necklace," November 2001

      Tilda Swinton, actress
            For "The Deep End," August 2001

      Finn Taylor, writer-director
            For "Cherish," June 2002

      Charlize Theron, actress
            For "Monster," December 2003

      Betty Thomas, director
            For "The Brady Bunch Movie," February 1995

      John Travolta, actor/producer
            For "Battlefield Earth," May 2000


      Stacy Valentine, documentary subject
            For "The Girl Next Door," May 2000

      Gus Van Sant, director
            For "Gerry," February 2003

      Francis Veber, writer/director
            For "The Dinner Game," August 1999

      Bruce Vilanch, documentary subject
            For "Get Bruce!," September 1999

      Kurt Voss, writer-director
            For "Sugar Town," September 1999

      Randall Wallace, writer-director
            For "We Were Soldiers," March 2002

      Wayne Wang, director
            For "Center of the World," April 2001

      Naomi Watts, actress
            For "Mulholland Drive," October 2001

      Patrick Warburton, actor
            For "The Woman Chaser," August 2000

      Regis Wargnier, director
            For "East-West," April 2000

      Kerry Washington, actress
            For "Our Song," August 2001

      Peter Weir, director
            For "The Truman Show," June 1998

      Jennifer Westfeldt, writer-actress
            For "Kissing Jessica Stein," March 2002

      Tom Wilkinson, actor
            For "In the Bedroom," February 2002

      Roger Willie, actor
            For "Windtalkers," June 2002

      Mara Wilson, actress
            For "Thomas & the Magic Railroad," July 2000

      Alicia Witt, actress
            For "Playing Mona Lisa," October 2000
            BONUS: photo gallery

      John Woo, legendary action director
            For "Face/Off," June 1997

      John Woo, director
            For "Windtalkers," June 2002

      Steve Zahn, actor
            For "Sahara," April 2005

      Bob Zmuda, Andy Kaufman's best friend
            For "Man On the Moon," December 1999

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